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Thread: New Exclusive Design - Beta 6 Art Group

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    New Exclusive Design - Beta 6 Art Group


    Beta 6 Art Grup. Autumn & Winter 2004 Exclusive Version.

    The version is called Exclusive. It's not by chance. As well as not accidental is the sepia reflecting metallic gloss and not accidental is 10 kb's size demo 3D.


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    I like the colors, very well selected. I like the overall design idea. What I dont like is the the fact that once i open the menu, I have to keep scrolling up and down the see the contect of what I just selected. Very anoying
    1024x768 res

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    REALLY nice interface design, lucdaartist. nice colors and use of sound.your interface is a really nice balance between electric and organic. I do agree with the above coment that the menu extends too far down. there's so nuch real estate on the sides i wondered why you didn't put it there. it DOES look nice there though, with a sleek verticle composition.but the scrolling is a bummer.
    I was also impressed with the loadtime and the smoothness of your actionscript animations.
    i'll be passing your link to others to check out.

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