LOOKING FOR FLASHDESIGNER - who wants to work in a gamedevelopment team

Factor2 - The workingtitle of a spacesimulator with references towards David Braben's Elite, Frontier and FFE and also other titles such as Freespace are always making progress and seeing new things every day.

We have come to the point that we want to reveal both some graphics and storyline for the interested in our forum and are in great NEED of a new site.
Shortly, we are looking for a Webdesigner with great knowledge in Flash who are willing to join our team and work for a new website which follows the mood and quality of our work.
The site would be the platform for us to show the progress of our work, screenshots, news and downloads.

As noone in the team are working for any profit there is no payment involved in this one. The game is planned to be freeware.
Want to have a gamesite in your portfolio? Just contact me.

Old site with links
Spacestation DivX-movie
Fighter DivX-movie

Please contact me by mail or ICQ if interested.
Then I will update you with more specific information about the whole project and the site.
(oh, please include where you saw this ad!)

ICQ: 160 522 253
MSN: ajirenius@hotmail.com