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    Blurry text


    Need help again please.

    As the above, I am having trouble with my text blurring when putting it into a movie clip so that it can be scrolled.

    The text im using is Verdana. The problem is when I check the 'enable device fonts' box that makes the text clearer.

    Im putting the text into a graphic instance. Situating the text(inside the graphic instance) perfectly on the grid so that it sits exactly on a 'pixel'.
    Situating the graphic instance text perfectly on the grid within the movie clip. The problem is that when I check the 'device fonts' box mentioned above, place the movie clip onto the main stage and publish, the text disappears. If I uncheck it, the text just ends up blurry! Very blurry!

    Is there anyway of maintaining the texts clarity when placing it inside that type of movie clip?

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