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Thread: Scripting help with animation

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    Scripting help with animation


    In playing with Swish, I am able to get an object to follow a motion path that I set. I also can set the shape to act as a button and stop on rollover, and continue moving on rollout, but there's something that's been causing me a problem.

    I'm trying to get something to show in the center of it's circular motion path, and can't figure out the scripting required for such an event.

    Basically I want to set up a series of images moving in a circular motion and as a person sees one they are interested in, they can put their cursor on it, the motion for all will stop, and just by rolling over it, information will appear in the center of the circular path the images are going around.

    Please help if anyone can. You can either post here, or IM on AIM my handle is Courag. Thanks a lot.


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    see if the attached example helps...
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