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Thread: macromedia.com background tile ? how

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    macromedia.com background tile ? how

    Hi there

    I'm trying to figure out how macromedia accomplishes the forever ending fade to their background.

    I've created a sample here at

    but of course it doesnt work, what twinkle of code am i missing..or what am i missing ?


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    they use a bg tile like you're using, but then the bg colour is set to the last colour in the fade, so it only actually fades to a colour, it doesn't keep fading after that, the bg colour takes over if that makes sense.

    the image they use is here www.macromedia.com/images/master/background.jpg

    it's 1100 pixels high so that covers most resolutions, for browser windows showing more than 1100 it doesn't repeat, it just stops and the background colour takes over.

    the css for it is

    background-color: #72828b;
    background: #c6cfd0 url(/images/master/background.jpg) repeat-x;

    the repeat-x means it won't tile like yours is now, it will repeat horizontally but not vertically.

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