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Thread: How to scan a hand drawn image?

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    How to scan a hand drawn image?

    I have a line hand drawn image in black pen on white paper. To the human eye the lines look smooth but when I scan the picture in the lines just don't look as smooth.

    What is the best setting dpi etc. to use on a hand drawn image?

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    Hi, always scan the image bigger than you need it, then resize it later, also scan using large dpi settings if you are sending it to a proper printer ask the printer. We used to run with one printer at 900dpi for a greyscale image and 300+ dpi for a full colour one

    if your scanner is bog standard i would scan at a higher dpi, it will give more quality to the image

    with regard to the jagged lines, scan at the highest colour settings full colour 32 bit this should look just the same as the original, depending on the scanner save as either tiff or jpeg


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    Thanks for the help.

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