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Thread: Actionscripter - U$15/h

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    Actionscripter - U$15/h

    I'm an experienced web developer who wants to become a master actionscripter. I'm looking for as many AS projects as I can handle, in order to get more hands on experience. I made a similar post a few months ago on Ultrashock, and since then got two projects (one with AS1 and the other with AS2), and have been studying like crazy:

    - Flash Remoting (integration with PHP and J2EE backends)
    - Custom component building
    - OO techniques
    - XML-driven interfaces

    I have 5 years of web development experience, I know PHP/MySQL, a little J2EE, and have loads of experience with handcoded HTML/JavaScript front ends.

    I'm an American/Brazilian developer now based in Brazil (with previous experience in NYC).

    ...and I'm in bad need of work! I'm available full-time, immediately.

    http://www.oliverbarnes.com/ (old site... from when I was learning flash basics. I'm working on a new one, and will post it here for a critique later on).

    Any comments or tips on how to get this experience would be much appreciated... And I will give a 10% comission for any leads that land me a gig.

    sorry for the long post.

    ps I'm NOT trying to bring the actionscript freelance rates down. I'm just cutting my cost in compensation for my learning curve.

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    i hope someone offers you some work, you sound like a very decent guy.

    good luck.
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    thanks sherrif! I appreciate the good words.

    Not to use this as shameless self-promotion, but I do try to be upfront in my work, I think that's essential for telecommuting contracts to work out. actually, it's good for any kind of work...

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