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Thread: is this impossible?

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    is this impossible?

    I am new to this pls help
    I am using flash 4

    i know the basics
    i am an on air designer trying to show my low res. quicktime (10)
    on my web page
    what i want is several buttons and when yo click on one
    it uploads, transfer, or opens my movie in a small window of its
    own over the same page.

    i have made the buttons but can't figure out how to tell it what to do

    what do i do?

    do i have to bring in all 10 .mov into flash (hope not)?
    or do i ftp them?
    or do i use an action?
    or is it html (which i dont know how to do)

    no response in newbies!


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    Flash 4, that's not a lot to work with..
    i mean there are some nice popup prototypes, but Flash 5 minimum..
    you can also write a javascript in the HTML and trigger it from Flash, but am am not sure in how much Flash 4 supports javascript.

    another (maybe the easiest) thing is use .qtl files.
    this is a small XML based metafile that opens QuickTime Player and plays the video.
    you can just do a getURL() to these .qtl files.
    find more info about them here:

    mind you that you need to register the MIME-type setting of .qtl on your server to application/quicktimeplayer, which can be a nightmare to convince your host if you can't do it yourself..

    also if you can use frames you can embed a dummy poster, almost invisible with a autohref
    more info here:

    but there are some issues with these 2 techniques..
    i have tested them in the past and on some machines/ configurations they don't work. so test before you make a choice.

    on my site i used a combination of .qtl files and a centerpopup prototype that points to a quicktime PHP template, passing width, height, title and videofile.
    than i used a shared object to store the users setting, so they can change to popups if the .qtl's don't work
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    bit confusing

    these ref.
    focus mainly on html ( i tried them and just get so confused)
    and I was trying to get around this by triggering from the
    buttons in flash

    but thank you for replying


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    You can also purchase an inexpensive converter like our Flix Lite software and convert your Quicktimes into SWF. Then you can use them with Flash 4.


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