My target audience/prospect is small business owners, the types in the $1-10 million annual sales range. I am working on the assumption that they would reach my site after being directed there from a referral/prior client, or similar. It seems to me that what comes flying out of the mouths of these small business owners is "I was thinking about putting a site together with one of these clickNbuild things, you just add text and jpegs and blah blah blah". I believe that most of these people tend not to understand the true marketing and sales potential of a good site.

So the tactic is to introduce them to a rich media approach, and to plant the idea that their site should be both a good salesperson and a good service rep for their company. Now I've rewritten the text enough times to feel I can no longer be objective about it, and would appreciate your giving it a fast read, in the "rich media" section and the contact page. I'm wondering if I'm communicating the message properly or just sounding like a chooch.

I'm sure it will be painfully obvious to you experienced guys that I am making my first foray into the web graphics world, and I would greatly appreciate you pointing out things that make you say "newb!". From where I'm sitting, I can't see these things.

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