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Thread: dynamic textboxes reading .txt files

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    dynamic textboxes reading .txt files

    This is in reference to dynamic textboxes reading .txt files:

    Whenever I try to format the text to be bold using the <b></b> tag within the text file, the text is no longer visible, but text not using the bold tag is. The same goes when I try to apply a global bold style to the entire textbox from within Flash. Why is it not allowing me to format the text beyond color and size, and how can I fix it?

    Also, when I try to apply a unique font face to a line of text within the text file, that line disappears as well. Again, the only control I have is over color and size.

    Thanks a LOT for your help,

    Carl Elkins
    Promenade Design

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    You have to add off-stage textfields, where you would for example, embed the bold outlines of the font your using as normal in your on stage textfield. Then both should be available in the on stage textfield.
    Same goes if you want to use italics on that font... Another off stage textfield.
    And again for other fonts you might want to display in your on stage textfield.

    Note that each time you embed a font or a font's style, you're increasing your file's size by 15-30KBs.

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