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Thread: Two Questions Regarding Outside Applications

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    Two Questions Regarding Outside Applications

    Two quick questions:

    Can I open a word file from a button within flash standalone projector? If so, what's the actionscript?

    Also, can I open the folder view of the cd from which the projector is stored on? For example, after clicking a button within the projector, it would be the same as clicking the "My Computer" icon, then clicking the "D:" drive...

    Thanks in advance...

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    This thread describes how to open a PDF file using a couple of FREE utilities I wrote and provides the ActionScript and BAT files for the PC (it also shows the equivalent AppleScript necessary to make the same possible on a MAC).

    As for opening explorer on the drive where the projector is launched from, this will do the trick.

    drv = _url.substr(8,1);
    geturl(drv + ":");

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    1. Use *********** JStart to open your word docs, pdf etc. Download an evaluation copy and try it yourself.


    2. Yes you can do this also using JStart and Jugglor see


    Good Luck

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    You can also download a copy of Flash Studio PRO which can do this for you.

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