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Thread: Hey. Pregnant or new parent? Need suggestions!

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    Hey. Pregnant or new parent? Need suggestions!

    OK, you soon-to-be, or recently new parents. (Or even family studies students). Some needy moms need your help!

    What are some simple, colorful, not-very-wordy parenting basics you've found on the web?

    Our target audience is at-risk moms (and their friends and families). Its fair to assume their reading patience is thin; great flash animations would be best! Video next, then short articles that get to the point about the most crucial basics .

    What have you found? Thanks for sharing!!


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    if you want a soon-to-be-parent animation, there is no substitute:

    it's a few years old now, but well done from the get-go. enjoy!

    Ah, these boys is all swelled up. So this was earlier...getting set to trade. Then, woooaaah differences.
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    Norberg: Indeed! 'twas I who refound the link for you! And applause to the creator.

    I found some videos at ivillage. More than I could have imagined about bathing a baby. And some flash on making a baby in other places. But no cool flash yet on caring for one!

    Still looking...

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