Maybe this is not profound but I'd like to get opinions on this. I was cruising around websites and noticed that there is a great majority of websites that don't expand to the persons screen. Websites such as Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, have their information stuck in the left corner. Macromedia, Fantasy Interfaces, Apple, have their website in the center. Even though websites such as Flashkit, W3C, and Red Hat Linux websites to name a few expand to a users screen, they just have a repeating color that continues on or a repeating graphic.

Now I understand the argument that a lot of people's screen resolutions don't expand bigger than 1024x768 or 1280x1000 or something like that, but restricting design to those small resolutions, isn't that not utilizing the web technology and design? Is there a way to deal with that empty space so that it doesn't feel empty or just drift off?