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Thread: (*) Video content protection via Flash?

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    (*) Video content protection via Flash?


    I don't even know if this is feasible:

    Embed a 15-minute video file into a SWF movie, which will be downloaded from a website.

    The point of this is to limit the number of times that a file can be viewed. Each time the SWF is opened, it connects to an online database and increments a "view counter" which will deny access if equal to the limit value.

    My tech questions:

    - Can Flash handle a 15-minute video? Will it crash, be choppy or have a huge filesize?
    - Can Flash read/write from an online database? (I'm guessing yes on this one...)

    I hope this idea isn't too unrealistic.

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    yep, the filesize will be huge, no way around it, maybe you can start streaming the video after x% has dowmloaded.
    Flash can read from database, xml or a simple text file.

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