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Thread: portfolio - proposed site design?

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    portfolio - proposed site design?

    So here is my problem, I don't have many sites atm that I am too proud of that are online.

    So I don't put them in my portfolio because if someone looks at them they might think - oh dear, this is quite bad and not hire me.

    However I have made a few sites for contests and even a few for clients who have just stopped contacting me after accepting a design. I want to put them in my portfolio, but if I do, people will think that the company I made these for, actually use the design.

    And that's lieing.

    So what should I do? Should I just say "proposed design for so and so"?

    what do you think?

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    I have an idea, you put them in such form, then you set them as "available for exclusive licensing".. how does that sound?

    Because you designed the site, you want a client for it, and you could get money for a design that was "wasted"..

    well, if you dont do that, then it's probably as you said : "proposed design for so and so", but you gotta think about the effect on potential customers on knowing that you were actually "ditched" (sorry)..

    just my 2c, cheers

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    As far as the shoddy designs you've done, simply list the NAME of the company in your "clients" list... you don't need images or URLs for those.
    As far as your Portfolio goes... don't use one in your situation. Use "Case Studies" instead. This way, you can use a specific design, or even a 'sample' design, and explain how your work meets particular needs of a company.
    Case studies, I feel, are in many ways better than a portfolio because it gives you a chance to sell more than just your design... it gives you a chance to speak directly to the potential needs of your potential clients.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts.

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