Ok, well I've an idea of starting a magazine and now I got some people who can help me design it and stuff, but ere having a little trouble with the business and technical point of it.

What exactly is needed? We have designers, editors, writers. We'll probabaly use Quark or the new InDesign dpending on the budget, which is my bigget question.

How much does it cost to print something like this. I've tried calling some places but none have been really helpful. The magazine for now is not that long 15-20 pages and printing maybe every month or two months. those numbers are really based on the cost of printing. We'd like to have more pages and even put it out more often but, I am thinking it's too expensive. What do think printing maybe 200 copies would cost. Again, were are not going to be distrbuting alot and so wanna keep the cost low and print less. So does anybody know what price it would be around? How much with some more pages and more copies and more issues? Which is the these has the biggest impact on cost? i'm just looking for a ballpark number, even good guess are good.

Also,what should I know when I call the shops again? I wanna make sure I know what i'm talkign about, cuz I think that's what's been keeping them from helping. Thanks Alot!!!