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Thread: Can someone explain to me how flash deal with the quality of bitmaps?

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    Can someone explain to me how flash deal with the quality of bitmaps?

    I am a bit confused. If I save a bitmap using photoshop and save for the web...it tells me how much memory that file is.

    Then I bring it into flash. But then it seems that flash optimizes it again, and has it's own universal jpeg setting, in the publish settings section?

    What is going on? Could you explain this to me?


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    Double click the image icon in the library. A panel comes up to set the quality. Leave it set to use imported quality. The publish settings override these setting if they are different, so set them the same.

    Basically, flash is a vector program. It doesn't handle bitmaps all that well. No matter what, the quality is not going to be the same as if the image were used in html. Also, flash adds 1 pixel to the overall size of the image when used in flash. This is probably why the quality suffers. You can try Break Apart and use the image that way, or Trace Bitmap, which turns it into a vector type of image. The file size goes way up though.

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