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Thread: My animated gif looks like hell, can you explain the settings.?

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    My animated gif looks like hell, can you explain the settings.?

    I put in a nice jpeg of the banner.....it looks good when I test it in flash.

    Then, when I publish it as an animated gif it looks really grainy and bad. I'm not familiar with all the settings in the gif publish settings box, can you explain them to me?

    Or better yet, which ones should I select to make the thing look decent.


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    When you publish as an animated gif, Flash exports out with only 256 colors, which dramaticlly degrades the output.
    While ther very well may be a workaround for this, I have not had much luck in my attempts.

    If possible, why not try inserting the .swf into your target rather than the gif. Most everyone has at least the Flash 5 player, so it's a safe bet that you won't have any compatability issues as long as you export out as Flash 5.

    Don't know if this helps, and if there is a way to export cleaner gifs I wouls like to know as well... good luck.

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