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    Hi fellow flashers (-:
    Check out my new site: and tell me what you think. Also, does anyone have any tips for finding new clients?

    Bryant Creque

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    It's a nice site. Solidly built. The text is a bit hard to read. I think it's a combination of the stark-white color and the leading between the lines/weight of the font. I'm not sure how, exactly, to fix it, but maybe thinning down the letters and giving them more space between lines would do it. Experiment with that, if you want. Otherwise, it does the job just fine.

    As for getting contacts...well, that's the real question, isn't it, that's what we're all doing. I would check out the job section here at Flashkit. Post up a few examples and start promoting your site/skills. I'm still working on that, too


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    Thanks for the input, looking forward to hearing more

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    Bryant, maybe the same thing as RichPaul said above, but I would look into doing something with the text. This is just my opinion but I have never been a fan of upside down and sideways text around a circle that is used as navigation. Too hard to read. Maybe you could take the words that are hard to read and turn then into a rollover, so when the mouse is over the words, the words turn horizontal. That might be all right. I know the images come up when you go over the links, but naturally my eyes want to see something happen where the mouse is.

    Also, the images that come up look like clip art, don't know if they are or not, but either way they really don't fit the look of your page. Again, just an opinion. You are doing this in Flash? Looks really HTML-ish, like created in Fireworks. Good job though.

    email me with any questions you have, would be glad to take a look at your stuff.


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    Thanks again for reply. I know a lot of people that love the menu items around the circle. The pictures ARE clip art and I have been drawing some of my own things in the last couple days. I used flash, but was going for a classy, easy to use site. And I think I reached that goal. Thanks for your opinion!


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    Post Critique

    Solid effort to be sure. Here are some issues you can look at:

    The text is a problem though. Try using an Arial font, you can use it and not worry about it being all caps (which is really hard to read). You can achieve the same basic effect you want by Italicizing the text.

    The Tool Tips are a cool idea, but they are are really low quality compared to your logotype. I would find some higher quality graphics (or better yet, make your own graphic buttons to show off your expertise).

    Your buttons need some work as well. For your text buttons, define a hit area that encompasesses the whole area. Doing this makes it easier for the visitor to navigete instead of trying to hunt a spot to click on.

    Keep up the good work and have a great Flash day

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