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Thread: rave site *advice for design layout*

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    this is the second stage of my site which i've been working on. please feel free to leave any suggestions and tips on how i should flush my text*left, right, center* and also how to get my newsletter working.

    peace, 1lOvE
    ps: thanks for putting up with the constant errors.
    the final ver will not be this server.

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    The Snowball thing in the middle of the page. I would just soften the edges - it looks very hard.

    The design is functional, perhaps a bit to conservative layout consdering the market.

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    1. possibly a small handful of horizontal and/or vertical lines to break up the black to produce grid effect - this is a very popular device at the moment
    2. the pink over the rollover is very loud - knock the colour back or maybe round the corners of the rectangles
    3.the banner colour is nice - watch the drop shadow in the couters of the c and o
    4 body pages - try the text set into a table say 500 or 600 px wide and centre the table in the page but keep the text left justified inside the table- for lists bullet points always look good (eg. previous parties page - use the unordered list tag)

    hope this gives you some ideas

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