I've hit a bit of a barrier and having a bit of trouble coming up with a possible solution. I've been requested to re-create the sliding element of the this link .(After the intro bit). If any one could offer some advice on the best way to tackle this. Would be greatly apprecitated.

This is where I am right now:
I've got 3 place holder MC's on the stage (once I've done a few it'll be easy to add the rest)
I've got all the zooming stuff happening.
I've got a function set up to dynamically measure the current widths of any amount of MC's. And using "aPos" for left side and "bPos" for right side of each box(so I can measure if they intersect at any point in the process) on the stage.

The point is now what? How do I get the boxes to attract to each other with a buffer of some distance...

If anyone can offer some advice or a link to tutorial that will help me in this endeavour it'll be much appreciated!