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Thread: Flash Search Engine Help

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    Flash Search Engine Help

    I am trying to build a search engine that will pull information from an SQL database. The connection is going to be provided with ASP and XML is going to be used to transfer the data. I am trying to find some tutorials on this but I have had no luck. Does anyone know of a good tutorial for making a search engine speak to a db?

    I am struggling most with the flash side. How do I get flash to do partial word searches, etc?

    To make matters worse my predecessor wrote his XML in an ASP format that I am struggling to decipher.


    Response.ContentType = "text/xml"
    Response.CharSet = "ISO-8859-1"

    if not objRec.EOF then
    Response.Write "<Authored_Courses>"

    Response.Write "<CourseTitle title=""" & "Front Desk" & """>"
    Response.Write "<lessons>"
    i = 1
    do until objRec.EOF or objRec.BOF
    Response.Write ("<lesson>")
    Response.Write ("<course_id>" & objRec("course_id") & "</course_id>")
    Response.Write ("<lesson_id>" & objRec("lesson_id") & "</lesson_id>")
    Response.Write ("<lesson_title>" & objRec("lesson_title") & "</lesson_title>")
    Response.Write ("<lesson_description>" & objRec("lesson_description") & "</lesson_description>")
    Response.Write ("<lesson_length>" & objRec("lesson_length") & "</lesson_length>")
    Response.Write ("</lesson>")

    Is any one familiar with XML written like this, if so where can I go to learn more?

    Any help with any of this will be most appreciated. I have seen several tutorials but they are all so different from what I am trying to do so I am having a hard time making the connection.



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    One more clarification. The ActionScript need to be Flash MX compatible.

    Thanks again,


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