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Thread: please,somebody - anybody MERCY... saving text to text fiel on HD?!?

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    please,somebody - anybody MERCY... saving text to text file on HD?!?

    Hi everybody,

    just wondering of anyone has any idea how to do this... it's been driving me mad..... :'(
    working on this CDRom project where I need to set up a little notepad type utility, ie user types something in, clicks button which sends it to new text field, with date etc attached. Then there needs to be an option to save this to a text file on the hard disk...
    As it's not going online it needs to be contained on the CD, but save this file externally onto PC, load it back in on request....

    tried something like this:

    on (release) {
    fscommand("save", mainvar+".txt" ;

    which saves the file, but no save box pops up , then I can't get it load in again either....
    Seems to me that this shouldn't be that hard - well for script heads anyway - but I'm so stuck... can't figure it out....

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me any thoughts, tips or tricks on this... before I lose my sanity....

    hoping for some inspiration Prisca
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    With Flash5 you can use the

    fscommand("save", "foldername/textfile.txt");

    you have to make sure all the variables you want to save are on the _root timeline of the movie as this will not save variables in a movieclip....

    to load the textfiles....

    loadVariablesNum("foldername/textfile.txt", 0);

    In MX , from what I understand,... you can't use that method. You can use the Shared Object to save data to the HD in the specified Macromedia folder and the user specify's the amount. There is a tutorial at were-here.com about a perpetual calander that uses the shared object that I have been trying to adapt some. However, the disadvantage is that the files are constantly overwritten. For a more powerful calander type system,... you might look into the Spark Events Calender,.... I have yet to explore that one much and I have not seen any type of user interface for it,... for what it's worth.

    Might check out my thread on the Shared Object here,..... there is a demo of the calander there and what I am trying to do.


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