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Thread: Clouds flying toward screen

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    Clouds flying toward screen


    I saw a site in flash a while back where there was a image of clouds at the top of the screen looking as if they were constantly flying towards the screen it was smooth and seamless. This effect looked really impressive and i want to use a variation in some of my work. Can anyone tell me how this is done as im clue less?

    I cant remember the address of the site i saw it on but im gonna look if i can find it ill post it here.


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    is this it? there are plenty others, but i think they are typically done the same way - i'm pretty sure that is just an imported video loop. pretty easy to do if you can find a good loop.

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    That wasnt it! this is frustraighting, but that is similar to the effect im looking for.

    Where would i find loops like that i searched on yahoo but couldnt find any.

    If i created a picture in photoshop of clouds and manipulated tha angle would i be able to recreate this effect when i animate my image?

    Cheers for any help

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