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Thread: Starsky & Hutch - Flash to JPG?

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    Starsky & Hutch - Flash to JPG?

    1st of all.. you guys have to check out the Starsky&Hutch movie site if you haven't already.. it's great...

    my question is - anyone have a clue how they're letting you arrange a vector "wallpaper" and then exporting it to a JPG that you can download?... are they using .net?.. 3rd party export tool?... i've always wanted to play w/that functionality but haven't seen it done until now...

    go to their "Desktop" section and make a desktop and you'll see what i mean...

    peace out...
    - ce

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    Amazing! who made this site?

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    sorry, thats the only help i can provide, try emailing them. worth a shot.

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    I'm guessing what they did is when you click the download button the flash movie sends all the parameters through to a java file that creates the image. For instance, say you have background 4, and one picture of Owen Wilson at 100% in the center (on a 1024*768 something like x=512, y=384) and one picture of Snoop Dogg at 50% on the left (say x=20, y=210). The flash then probably exports these parameters to the java file (or something):

    wallpaper background = background4.jpg;
    picture1 = owen_wilson1.jpg {
    size = 100%;
    x = 512;
    y = 384;
    pixture2 = snoop_dogg.jpg {
    size = 50%;
    x = 20;
    y = 384;

    Now, obviously, this is not the code but I'm guessing this sort of represents the system behind it.

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