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Thread: looking for e-commerce flash sites.

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    Re: Forgive me

    Originally posted by Dr.Funk
    And exactlly when did all this become legacy or as you put it 'dead'? I have been using flash/asp.net/php/mysql/mssql/c# for the past 3 years.... Or has the world changed so much in the past few months that its no longer a valid topic?
    I didn't say it was an invalid topic. Simply an invalid thread. You obviously combed the boards looking for any thread which hasn't had a posting on it in at least 9-10 months. Otherwise, I don't know how you ever found this one. The topic of discussion (for this particular thread) was over in February 2004 -- it is now January 2005. In my world, that's old.


    p.s. Happy New Year
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    Invalid thread... please explain! Also this thread came to me thru a search and it was the first hit. Now it does seem obvious you colb through threads as some kind of date checking nazi. I have no idea how this thread could be invalid, dead, or out-dated. All of the technology and content is the same as it was 2 years ago. Please think before you speak.

    If you need to reply please send me private message as your opinion has nothing to do with this thread.
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    Good lord, man. Look at the dates of the posting just before yours. ALMOST A YEAR AGO, DUDE!

    My suggestion to you is to create a new post, if you feel the topic is relevant. One that I don't have to (and everyone else who posted A YEAR AGO) get email notifications that say:

    "There is a new post in your thread which you've not posted to in almost a year. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane."

    Incidentally, why not wake up and realize that you are incorrect here, sir. Your posting, IN FACT, has nothing to do with the original thread. It has to do with an argument over which type of programming/scripting language should be preferred/used. The original topic of this thread was someone looking for "cool e-commerce sites." That's it. Nothing else. So, thank you again...not only for making us all relive something that was old hat a year ago...but also for conveniently continuing to hijack the thread.
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    That nike site seems to be mostly plain-ole html for the shopping part of it... I have seen some Nike sites that used a flash cart though... can remember what it was.

    On the topic of PHP vs C* -- I learned OOP with C++ as my first programming language then started into web stuff and php. I haven't tried anything that used C++ or C# with the web or mySQL yet... though if it's faster it might interest me.

    Currently I have a lot of mini-apps that are basically just PHP scripts that open text files, format the data, and add or update the info into a mySQL database. They are "pretty fast" but tend to eat up memory when the text file approaches a few GB (290Mb Gzipped). Most files are smaller but the big files do take a while to completely process.

    The aprehensions I have for trying C/mySQL are...
    1 - Server Config - I'm not big into hardware and I hate to configure software stuff... I'm pretty sure I would need to install some sort of compiler on my server right?

    2 - More Dangerous?? Could a C program be potentially more dangerous since it gives the programmer more control over things like memory management and allocation? I'm just worried I might leave a memory leak somewhere and bring the server down or something.

    3 - WebServices - Some of my scripts use NuSoap for Soap webservice calls... no idea if C++ can do that or how to it.

    4 - The user end is written in PHP so keeping these admin utilities also in php keeps things similar and several functions/etc can be reused between the two. (We are staying with PHP for serving up the webpages, that probably won't change for now.)

    5 - mySQL integration... there are a ton of built in funtions, libraries etc in php that integrate with mySQL to make for some pretty easy and fast development... I've heard about the mysql/C++ wrapper class but never really looked at it... Is it just as easy as using php?

    Any good resources or books you could point to would be helpful too.
    [Sorry if this post brought this thread back on topic totally unintentional I swear]

    - John

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