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    Hi guys!

    I'm a beginner at gamecoding in flash and would like some help to get started with a little flash thing I'm working on...

    I've put toghether a little movie where you can move a little "super-mario-like" caracter around the stage with the arrow keys...make him jump when you press the space bar etc.Now I would like to add some items on the stage and when the little fellow moves over an item someting happens...(a new scene...a sound..."go to frame x of instance...or something)also I wold like to add some trees or blocks or something on the stage that "supermario" can't walk over but has to take a turn to pass by.

    I think this is called "collision detect" and I've looked for tutorials on this subject but didn't find any good ...

    ...so if anyone here knows a simple but good tutorial on how to do this "collision detect" thing (if that's what it's called?) please let me know!

    or any other help for that matter...if you've got a .fla with this in it that you think i would understan I could study it to see how it's done...but I don't wanna rip any code..I'd like to learn how to do it!



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    I got a tutorial i can send you that might help you out .
    It is basic collision detection.

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    Smile Hey Please Send it to me to

    Hey could you send me the fla of the collision detect? It would help me a lot. Thanks

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