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Thread: graphic designer wanted

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    graphic designer wanted

    I'm looking for a designer to produce a template for a web page. No HTML skills are required as your design (delivered as a PSD file) will be converted to XHTML/CSS, however, an understanding of XHTML/CSS and their limitations would be helpful.

    The deliverables are :

    - the page template itself
    - a logo for the site (I know what I want for this)
    - a mascot for the site (again, I know what I want here)
    - icons for the nav bar (8 of them I have a good idea of what I want)
    - approximately 15 supporting icons used throughout the site (new content, updated content, add message, delete message, reply to message etc etc ).

    I'm looking for a very specific look and feel for the site. I don't want a standard run-of-the-mill page template. I'm very keen on windows XP's cartoon effect, especially for the icons. They look fun & professional without looking childish, which is the look I want.

    I want the entire site to have the same cartoon-esque feel to it, but it mustn't look childish. Designs should be based on simplicity and ease of use. The site will be used by everyone from young children aged 8+ all the way up to grandparents! What I don't want is a sterile, corporate look. It has to be fun, vibrant and simple. Although the site doesn't use Flash, I'm trying to get a flash animation look and feel to it.

    Please post or email (phpology@hotmail.com) a link to your folio and your hourly rate if you're interested and I'll send you a detailed spec

    Once again : I'm not looking for a standard design. If you are a web designer this probably isn't the right project for you. If you are a graphic designer with some web experience then this is the right project for you and I would love to hear from you.

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    And how much would we get paid for this?
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    Please post or email (phpology@hotmail.com) a link to your folio and your hourly rate if you're interested and I'll send you a detailed spec
    your hourly rate * the number of hours it takes you (if you're awarded the project of course)

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    It seems you've been looking to hire since december 2003 ( http://www.csscreator.com/css-forum/...pic.php?t=1601 ) and still no luck.

    Hope you find what you need soon.
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