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Thread: Why movie clips slowing down???

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    Why movie clips slowing down???

    Please help.

    I have created, from Flash tutorials, some kaleidoscope type movie clips. When one is in the main timeline it animates fine. When I add another to play at same time it slows slightly and when I add another to make 3 of similar movie clip onto timeline it slows right down and the animation is jerky and distorted.

    Why is this happening - am I doing something fundamentally wrong such as not knowing that if you have more than one movie clip you have to up the fps rate, which is currently at 12fps.

    Also, when I go to test the movie the stage actually jumps around for a moment before settling in the right place.

    Really need desperate help as for final year project which looms....

    Thanks a million.


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    The more animations happening, the bigger the drain on the processor. 3 animations at once is usually a killer for most processors under 2 Ghz.

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