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Thread: photoshop effect, how is it done????

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    Just interested to see if any folk out there would be able to point me in the direction of any web resources, or their own, as to how I can get an image to have a blended edge which merges with a white background, as per the image here:


    Thanks folks


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    photoshop effect


    first of all, not every image is suitable for this effect.
    you can achive best results with this effect on images
    that have low-contrast textures on the sides you want to
    fade into another color. second, the colors should match
    (you won't fade a black&white image perfectly on a green
    background for example.)

    whoops, i have to correct myself. it can be done, but with
    reducing opacity...

    so, here's the trick

    you got two layers, a white one ( the background ) and
    the layer with the image on it. figure out which elements
    you want to fade out. then chose

    layers->layer mask->no selection

    select the gradient tool, set foreground color to black
    and background color to white and draw the gradient over
    the image. ( starting at the point which should be fully
    visible and ending somewhere over a white part on the
    background. et voila, the image fades to the direction.

    i advise to practise a bit with this effect to get best

    you even can apply several layer masks for one image, but
    you have to remove that layer mask first
    (layer->remove image mask->apply before deleting)
    and re-use that effect for another part of the image.

    play with opacy of the image layer. set it to 70% for
    example. ( hard fade outs often look a bit strange on a
    white background ).

    hope that helped.

    pls excuse if some photoshop commands are called different.
    i work with the german version )

    for more help on photoshop:

    (part of the ozones' sites http://www.ozones.com)

    maybe consider buying a book ( the photoshop WOW book )

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