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Thread: Best support language for Flash

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    Best support language for Flash

    Ok, I'm not brand new to flash by any means, although I only just upgraded to flash MX. I'm in the process of getting past beginner ActionScript into some more in depth stuff, but I'd like to increase my hireability by adding on a support language to go with flash.

    For example, whenever I look for a web designer job (having just been laid off of my old one thanks to the crappy economy) they all want you to know a ridiculous amount of stuff! Sure, I've got Photoshop and Illustrator and Flash, but since I do my xhtml by hand I don't really know Dreamweaver. Anyway, many of them also seem to expect you to be a programmer - which I ain't. However, since I want to focus on creating Flash interactive CDs and websites I'd like to get to know a Flash related language.

    I hear a lot about PHP - that it is a good one to learn for Flash and easy for the non-programmer. What is the opinion on that? Would you recommend a different support language? remember, I'm learning actionscript so I don't mean that one *grin*.

    Thanks for any advice.

    I'm female, I don't need a "bigger one".

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    I switched jobs about 3mo. ago to a company that has a lot of designers with programming skills. There was still full time programmers but the designers needed to know how to set up forms for multiple servers (php, coldfusion, asp, etc.), knowledge of cookies, javascript. Just the particle things. Hopefully if you know them you'll find something soon. I'm a big fan a PHP myself (I'm a flash designer who is learning a little coding as I go).

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