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Thread: Scanning Photos. What DPI?

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    Scanning Photos. What DPI?

    Is there any reason not to scan at a very high resolution if I am unsure what size I am gonna display my photos on my site. Or I may need to zoom and and use a small part of one of the photos, like for a background texture or something. I can always lower the res/ compress the photo in photoshop right if i need to. I have the opportunity to use a nice neg scanner for ONE day only. SO should i scan them all at high res just in case. I don't care if it takes much longer. Or is there a problem with that (like is quality especially bad if you take a high res photo and make it low res in PS?....)

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    Hi, scan them in at 300 dpi and pretty big, you never know when you might need them for eg printwork...

    with regard to re sizing you wont lose alot of quality as long as you resample the image in stages.


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