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Thread: Help with creating license agreement

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    Help with creating license agreement

    Hi, after I put my games on the net, there has been a numerous requests for me to license my flash games.
    To make it professional (since I'm planning to create an LLc next year)I decided to create a license agreement letter for those who want to license my game to save all the legal hasles that may come in the future.

    So, right now I'm looking for a template/sample/anything that might help me 2 create a better license agreement letter.

    Can somebody help me where can I look for this kinda information ??
    or if you've done this before can you guys help me out by mentioning which points I must concerned the most.

    Thanks guys
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    Here a Standard Agreement from the library at Yale.

    You can also look up some popular companies agreements and modify one to meet your needs. Try Cisco or maybe Macromedia.

    That should get you on your way.

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