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Thread: image transparency

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    image transparency

    anyone have some insight on how the masked sliding images were
    achieved on http://www.raisingvictorvargas.com/ ?

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    The images must be in .png or .gif format. PNG format will give you a higher quality image. All these image formats do is allow you to import an image with a transparent background. That way, they can seamlessly be placed or move over other images.

    For example, if you are using Adobe Photoshop, just select Help/Export Transparent Image... and follow the instructions.

    Then just import it into Flash. Place it on a layer over another image and tween it.

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    Those ones are pngs. gif's export like crap. and are only good if the image has straight [up, down, left or right] lined edges.

    To my knowledge gif's done anti alias the graphic so anything diagonal comes out choppy.

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    that makes sense... i did see alot of other posts in here re PNG. I will search on those and digest...


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