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Thread: That Crazy Combo Box

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    That Crazy Combo Box

    Hey everyone...

    When using the MX Combo Box Component, I'm running into some issues. It seems like when you use 2 or more Combo Boxes, that Flash has a problem with layering. My Combo Boxes are being dynamically poplulated with XML data, no problem...Change handlers all working fine, no problem. BUT, the drop down menus are showing up BEHIND the other Combo Boxes on the stage. I've tried numerous things to fix this, but since it's pretty hit and miss (meaning it works about 40% of the time), it's difficult to debug. If anyone has run into this issue and fixed it WITHOUT having to build your own Combo Boxes from scratch, please let me know!! It's driving me CRAZY!!

    Some random info about the movie: When the movie starts, all 4 combo boxes are set to _alpha=0; ... Using the change handler, the playhead moves to the next frame and sets the next combo box to _alpha=100; ... I've tried taking off the _alpha actionScript, but it didn't do anything. This component is in a .swf all on its own and gets loaded into a level above everything else in the site.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    APPENDED: 100% succes rate on Mac IE 5.2....all other browsers, 50%....go figure...
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