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Thread: Basic Flash & MP3 Streaming

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    Basic Flash & MP3 Streaming

    I have two questions that I hope some of you can solve.

    I have a Flash MX movie that's sized 800x600.

    1) I want to, upon loading my site, load the movie in a new window sized 800x600, akin to the 'enter site' buttons that trigger a popup.

    2) As well, the key elements of my movie, apart from the background image are a 'coming soon' text that loops, and an MP3 that streams via actionscript. I'd like the 'coming soon' text to loop continuously, as the mp3 plays, and then when the mp3 finishes, for for the 'coming soon' text to keep looping and the mp3 start again (I'm assuming this is just a simple loop of the whole flash movie as everything visually remains static).

    Thank you very much in advance and I'll stick around for a few for any clarifications.

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    best way to do this is as follows:

    1. create a blank html page with a button saying enter on it which will link to your flash movie url.

    use fscommand to control the size of your movie

    fullscreen (false)

    2. create a new movie clip for the text and put in all your animation

    3. do the same for your MP3

    that should sort it out.

    or you can use javascript to open your movie but you still need to create an html page, get it here:


    a good tool to use as you can specify what goes in it and everything else and just follow the instructions
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    Thanks. I'm not sure what you mean about creating a new movie for the two elements, could you clarify? They are already separate movies within the flash file, and as much as possible, I'd like to avoid including the mp3 in the library to save on download time and preserve the 'streaming' aspect.

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