Can anyone explain to me how to create a simple dripping effect, i have a slight knowledge of flash, been playing for about 3 years, had lessons in creating games etc, but i know nothing special..

Ill explain the situation..

I have a picture with a Drip on it, now i want to animate this, so i have removed the drip itself and restored the picture to normal using Photoshop. Now i want the drip to come in like a drip does and end up over the picture in its original place.

So dripping down and ending up in teh same place really. Not just moving down the picture and ending up, it has to drip, so start large and ball like, and stretch out till its done..

Argh, im so bad at explaining things..
Have a look at the drip on the right of that, thats what i want it to look like really, but not to fade away..

Any help would be much apreciated, this is a rush job, need to find out As soon as i can really... Like Today!
But if not today then i guess its not gonna be today

Err, ill shut up now..

Thanks in advance,.