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Thread: Sound Objects - how-to preload multiple sound objects

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    Sound Objects - how-to preload multiple sound objects

    Im basically making a site for a sound engineer friend of mine, and like Im trying to make a music interface for his site, thats able to preload tracks, and play & load those multiple mp3 tracks dynamically (mp3s are in the same folder). Or the setup could be like multiple sound objects that have their own progress bar etc for loading kinda like the will-musser example. Im up for any suggestions as the MM docs dont help in this area very much

    A good example of this would be @t http://www.willmusser.com. I under-stand how-to create and use 1 sound object for example, but when i try and use 2 sound objects etc, for 1 dynamic textfield named "progress", heres the coding to call-upon a sound object, which is basically 1 mp3 thats getting loaded, and shows progress in percentage via that dyamic textfield. What Im wondering, is if anyone knows of the AS for the btns to load tracks ie: on (release), load mp3"blaghla.mp3" ? if anyone knows the coding to load mp3s, feel free to leave a reply ;p And any good ways of calling upon multiple sound objects at once seperate dynamic textifelds or progress bars for loading etc.

    PHP Code:
    sound_1 = new Sound();
    percentLoaded = (sound_1.getBytesLoaded()/sound_1.getBytesTotal())*100;
    progress.text Math.round(percentLoaded)
    message.text "MEK - Far From Home";
    checkProgress setInterval(checkLoad1000); 
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