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Thread: crashing Flash MX 2004

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    crashing Flash MX 2004

    for some reason im working on my Flash MX 2004 project file and when i go to remove a certain layer on the stage the program gives me an error and crashes. just this single 1 layer. i can delete the others but not this one. i cant even drag the keyrame to another frame, if i try, it crashes. has anyone else encountered consistent crashing problems like this?

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    I am experiencing the same problem. In the last 2 days, it has happened to me twice. Luckily, I frequently save new versions and have been able to go back. The first time it happened, even clicking on the layer caused it to crash. This last time, it seems to be associated with one movie clip located on a layer. I was able to delete everything else on that layer except the one clip. Even if I try to delete it from the library, it crashes.

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    well ill add to this thread ..

    i have a similar problem .
    when i open flash and create a new document and the the first thing hit f9 for the actions panel it freezes. takes about 30 seconds to finally open the actions panel. and this happens quite often ..
    i dont know why but it does ..

    my computer =maintianed very well totally clean and nothing runnng in the back ground when im working with flash ,not even a messenger program .
    2400+ xp athlon
    512 ddr (2700)
    128 ddr nvidia graphics card
    120 gb hard drive/about 30 gb used
    xp pro operating system.
    5 month old computer.

    LOL who knows
    I want to learn .
    wannabe flasher [ Actionscript 2.0 ]

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