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Thread: Space around embedded flash file(No, not the focusrect)

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    Space around embedded flash file(No, not the focusrect)

    Hey guys.

    Browsers seem to compile space around an embedded object, making it impossible to surround it with images, unless you set a table with the same background as the image to go around the whitespace.

    Im looking for a way to get rid of it.

    It looks something like this: middle being the flash file:

    ________________________On top is image 1
    image2 on the leftimage 3 on the right
    ________________________image4 on the bottom

    meaning these are not just a maroon background

    Firebird and IE really contradict each other as well, meaning if it'll work in IE...it aint gonna work in firebird and vice versa.

    Any solutions?...Suggestions?...
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