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Thread: how to break picture into 3d pieces ?

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    how to break picture into 3d pieces ?


    Searching how to do a cool effect but need your help to find out how :+)

    from a fix picture i would like to break this one apart and the pieces would fly into you, just like on derBauer site:


    any idea how to do this ? should i use after effects ? any tutorials lying around or eaven small tips.

    Thanks for your help

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    The "Flying into you" effect is like creating a fake z axis. You can do this in flash by just making what ever you want to zoom, start small and scale to size. scale beyond the stage and it seems as if it has gone past you.

    It looks like they are using AE but i think you could do most of that in flash. The lightning effect is def. AE

    Hope that helps.

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    Yep thanks,

    i'll post back if further probs.

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