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Thread: Help please!!!!

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    Help please!!!!

    Hey im a bit off a newbie well a big newbie to be honest. i can program in a few languages and wanted to use it for flash sites i am creating. i wanted to know little things like how do i get it to go to a certain page depending on a variable, how to set variables, simply how to use it really. if any ones got some cool little scripts that they wouldnt mind sharing or any cool sites that have some cool scripts or tutorials that would be cool. i have 5 and mx so either would be wicked.

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    There are plenty of scripts and tutorials right here. Check out the links at the top of the page.


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    deja vu

    Tutorials are your best bet. Macromedia has done an excellent job of designing the tutes in MX. Start at the beginning:
    1) Open the help panel (at the bottom of the interface is the default location for the help panel)
    2) Look to the left for "Getting Started with Flash" in a small pane with menu items; this may be 'collapsed', if so you have to click the thin arrow button on the frame to expand the menu
    3) Start reading through the tutorials in sequence at first, jumping ahead to topics as you see them needed. You might be surprised how fast it goes...

    As to navigating to a new 'frame' (there are frames - not pages - in flash, unless you mean that you want javascript to do window.open[with URL] ... look up gotoAndPlay()

    As to setting variables:
    var thisVariable = "text";
    var thatVariable = 35; //numeric data

    Folks here are willing to 'share', if you can be more specific. You'll just have to dive in.

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    Thanks boys and girls

    thats helped loads just got to find the tutorials on here now seems to be loads of links at the top ill just have to have a proper look.

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