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Thread: How did they do this effect on GOTHIKA

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    How did they do this effect on GOTHIKA

    If you go to the MEDIA section, and to the TRAILERS/CLIPS section,

    there are three thumbnails, two with halle berry. When you roll over them, the image brightens a bit and the highlights flare out. It's a nice effect and I've been trying to recreate it, but I can't. How did they do this?

    I dissected the flash file and noticed that they only used the one image. In other words, they didn't have an image of halle berry, and then another one of her brighter.

    The other thing is that, if you try to 'brighten' the symbol in flash, it just makes the whole thing whiter, which isn't the desired effect. How can I recreate this effect from the gothika site?

    What is the secret?


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    Stop cross-posting.

    I answered this post in the General Help forum.

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