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Thread: 2 Questions - Redirect & Combine

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    2 Questions - Redirect & Combine

    Hello there,

    Kindly appreciate if anyone can help me, there
    are 2 questions:

    1) A programmer friend of mine who managed to get a
    swf file out of an application converter without
    the .fla file available. At the end of this Flash
    playing, it stop at that last page. how to make this
    playing redirect to another site? I do know of only
    Refresh rate in HTML but that may not be accurate in
    the movie timing as there are clicks for the user to
    continue the next page in the movie.

    2) Is there a way to combine several .swf files which
    has at the end, which stops at the last page?

    Thank you in advance to anybody who is replying to me.


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    hello, and welcome to flashkit.

    apologies if i'm wrong, but it seems as if you're requesting help on how to illegally use copyrighted material. otherwise you'd have the content in an editable format.

    this forum doesn't support this kind of requests.

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