Hey all... sorry I haven't been back in awhile... last time I checked this amazing Battle was like at this time last year... and wow, this Battle is still going strong!

The most amazing Photoshop Battle I have ever seen and I've seen a lot. Extremely inspiring work. I just hope to be one day, as great as you guys are at Photoshop and Graphics in general. I'm still learning though. Got any words of advice?

Fearless; You're work is fantastic. I just love how you zombified(Or fire marks?) that girl so well in Post #94... and wow, the background texture is awesome.

ondraedan; And you're work is outstanding. You're volley in Post #59 is totally awesome. Fearless served a hot volley, but then you served a cold one. I couldn't expect anything less from you two. hehe.

Both of you're work is awesome. Good job guys. You guys deserve an applause!