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Thread: Pausing?

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    I want to make a photo slide show and have photos fade in, sit there for 5 seconds then fade out. I did not want a button. I do not know how to pause the movie for the 5 seconds to show each photo.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Hi Wilder,
    If you're using SwishMax, try CTRL+F5 for each "second" you want to insert before you use the Fade-Out command.
    I'm not exactly sure what the key combination is for Swish 2 to insert each 1 second pause.


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    I see how to add more seconds and was wondering if that caused the file size to be larger, than if there was a way to pause it. Will the file size get bigger the more frames I have?
    Thanks Wilder

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    file size won't increase much. see for yourself by looking at the test report (file menu -> test -> report) before and after adding the frames.

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    Hey thanks! You were right. Not much bigger of a file size.
    Thanks Wilder

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