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Thread: sprite (mock button)

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    sprite (mock button)

    I'm having a problem creating a "button," that's not really a Swishmax button. It's simply an audio player to retrieve a large RealAudio file on a server. (I'll do one for an mp3 later, but I want this one right first). It didn't look like the usual Swishmax button would work, so I've created my own 3 states-Up, Over, and Hit/Release. I want it so when rolled over the Up state dissappears and the Over state takes over. When released the Over state dissapears and the Hit state takes over and lasts for 3-5 seconds while it retrieves the large audio file. I'm having difficulty making the previous states dissappear and continue the progression. Any suggestions? The file is attached.
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    One way to make a button is to have all 3 states in the same sprite. (For me, this is the easiest way.) Then use Button Events to move the playhead to the various points on the sprite's timeline. Seperate the actions with Stop actions to isolate the animation.

    In the attached example, Scene_2 contains only the button sprite I made. Note that I created a "HitRectangle" that is a shape with no fill. It is the top layer of the sprite and contains all the script. This shape is removed in the Hit state to prevent the On(Rollover) and On(Rollout) actions from changing the button state.

    I would suggest adding the LoadMovie() and UnLoadMovie() scripts on the timeline (using OnFrame) so you can keep the actions straight.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks. I'll continue to work with it. I appreciate the help.

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