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Thread: Design for PDA interface

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    Design for PDA interface

    Hi everybody,
    i was asked by a client to give him some skins for a PDA interface application. mainly spreadsheets, forms, lists, etc.
    this is my first design for a PDA. any hints were to start? references? comments?

    thanks for suggestions,

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    I presume the PDA guys (the company that makes them) will have some details on creating graphics, they would be foolish not to help designers

    may be email them asking for any tips or look on their site for tutorials, i cant see them creating a portable device that no one can design graphics for

    which PDA are we talking about here ?


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    well, i'm talking about regual pocket PCs. (ie: ipaq or similar with windows CE)
    for me the tricky part is going to be, what i'm able to achieve on a 240x320 resolution. also i'd like to see some reference to get a feeling for navigation, buttons, text, etc.

    i was wonderig, if there are companies / websites out there, which have some sample screenshots, good designs, etc.

    anyway, thanks for the responding

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