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Thread: how to make this cool 3D animation?(like scene in THE MATRIX)

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    Hi there,

    can anyone teach me how to make Flash animation like this: a apple(3d object) is falling down,then time is jam (stop), at the moment the apple has stop falling and everything is in static situation, next the animation will look like we are using a camera look at apple and walk around that static apple in 360degree.

    This animation is look like and similar with a few cool scene in THE MATRIX movie.

    pls reply me as soon as possible

    thank you

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    3D apples??


    What are you using to draw the apple...?

    If you're going to attempt a 3d rotation in flash, it'll take a while, as you'll have to draw each frame individually...

    Have you got access to any 3d packages? AutoCAd or 3d studio max...??

    If you can make an animation in a 3d program that can export frames in .dxf format, you should be able to get a smooth animation of the apple...

    You'll still have to export each frame of the animation individually into flash, but it'll save you drawing each one by hand.

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    How about swift3d?

    You could try using swift3d to create the still frames. It will export straight into .swf.

    You can cycle the camera around the apple but keep the lighting in the same place.

    Ask in the 3D board I guess.


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