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Thread: Are there any dreamweaver support boards like this?

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    Are there any dreamweaver support boards like this?

    im having trouble getting my css style sheets to work when viewed in a browser. They look good in DreamWeaver MX but defaults to Black huge text in a browser. cant figure it out.

    Thanks in advance

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    Easy Popup Windows 3.0 (For MX) Easy Popup Windows 2.5.2 (For Flash 5)

    Quit hassling with javascript popup windows. Basic, centered and fullscreen! Over 150,000 users.

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    Thanks alot!

    I must say everytime i post a question (user names mijata3 and mijatatd) i get help asap and its always on the money. I would like to say thanks to all those more knowledgible than i who offer up their time and their wealth of knowledge. I wish i could offer something in return, does anyone need to know how to make really good olive spread?

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